Back in Austin.

It seems I’m doing my annual guidebook binge, and this year I picked up Let’s Go France and Lonely Planet The Middle East. Currently I’m dreaming of going to


Siwa (Egypt),

and Istanbul.

Who knows if it’ll actually happen. As for France, I’d still like to go to the Dune de Pilat. That one I think has a good chance of actually happening.

Otherwise, I got new contacts this morning. I can’t see very well from my right eye so I’m going back in next week after I’ve worn them a while. But I don’t really mind, I’m just happy to have them. Classes start up Thursday and S and I are driving down to San Antonio on Friday evening so she can see more of Texas before she goes back off to California. I got kind of spoiled staying at home and being fed. We went to the opening of the new Riverwalk museum extension and I took lots of pictures but they’re on my mom’s camera and I forgot to get them. It goes from the old Pearl Brewery to the San Antonio Museum of Art to downtown, I guess? This is the SAMA in the old Lone Star Brewery:

(Not my picture, none of these are.) Maybe I’ll put up some pictures when I get back to SA this weekend.

Austin feels kind of boring. All of my friends are gone right now. I think I’m sort of ready to leave too.


4 thoughts on “Back in Austin.

  1. Malavika says:

    I’m down for Istanbul! Or Egypt! Or anywhere. I made a pseudo trip plan that included Dubrovnik, Sofia and Istanbul. It’s doable in a week, I think.

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