No me gusta

Unrelated–I have so much more time now that I am only taking one class. It seems disproportionate. This means that I can start reading for my masters report again. I’m not sure how to organize all this time I have, it’s actually turning out to be a little stressful. It was easier when I knew I had no choice but to do certain things at certain times.

Also, I move out of this apartment tomorrow. It’s already starting to feel like it’s not mine anymore. I’ve cleaned it from top to bottom (except certain things that the owner wanted me to do like dusting the walls–v. confusing concept) and most of my stuff is in SA except for bizarre things that I forgot to take like my DVD player and my kitchen mixer. So I’ll be moving into Sarah’s house tomorrow and Sarah will be moving back to California on Saturday so it will be just me and one of her roommates.


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