So I've got an offer for a collocation next year…

the only drawback is it’s on the edge of town, so, about 4.5 km from the center. But it looks like there’s a bus that runs till after midnight most days and there’s a supermarket right there so I think that really might be fine. And the people (aged 21, 23, and 24) seem cool and eager to have a foreigner. The rent is cheap, the house is big, it has an oven and a laundry machine and the dining/living room is actually a big sun room. The bedroom looks like it has built-in bookshelves so all I’d need is a bed and maybe a desk and dresser.

I hesitate because my original plan was to reserve at a foyer for two weeks so that I could actually go visit places. This way I don’t think I’ll pay the deposit till I get there anyway, so if it’s terrible I can change my mind. And also it means that I could move in pretty quickly, maybe spend two nights in a hotel instead of a week or two in a foyer, which is very tempting.

But the real advantage to me seems that the people are friendly and interested. I was specifically trying to avoid people who just wanted a place to crash and not actual roommates to talk to.

Also the rent is pretty darn cheap (172 euros + charges).

Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “So I've got an offer for a collocation next year…

  1. Karen E says:

    I’d be pretty tempted to go for the house share option – it’s cheap, and the people seem cheerful – plus it will probably be more stressful looking for something when you arrive in September (when everyone else will also be looking and the competition for decent places will be higher.) But that’s just my two cents/pennies worth… hope all’s good with you and that you are looking forward to heading back to france!!! I am off to germany very, very soon!!! xxx

  2. The house share sounds pretty good, but I think it’s really important to meet the people and see the house in person before you really commit. But if it works out, it seems like a great price and great set up. You could always get a bike to ride into and out of the center of town.

  3. Sounds great! So cheap!! And nice roommates too?? How close is it to work? Take the hotel for a day or two to check out the place, if you’re calmer that way, but I’d take it right away based on the way you described it!

  4. Thanks for the input everyone! It’s not very close to work at all but I’m used to that, and there’s only one bus transfer to get there. Plus I think Poitiers is pretty small. I think I bike would be awesome. Plus I don’t think I’d have to pay anything till I get there. Mostly the hotel idea is because I don’t think there will be a bed in the room when I arrive and I’ll be too exhausted to feel like sleeping on a couch.

    Good to hear from you Karen =) You had a hard time finding a place last year right? It would be a big relief to have something lined up when I arrive… I just wish it were on the night bus line (apparently they run till 5 am, clearly a town full of 20-year-olds…). Have a good trip!

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