Living alone with Boris and Otto

has been sort of fascinating. Sometimes they just stare at me like I should be doing something very important for them and I’m not. Then sometimes when I’m watching tv they stare at me like I’m the most boring person on earth. Then sometimes they wake me up by staring at me (actually that was just once, this morning, and it was only Otto I saw when I opened my eyes).

Last night I was getting ready to turn the light off and saw a cockroach climb up the door frame. I smacked it with a shoe but then it disappeared. Otto (who had been almost asleep) was immediately as invested in looking for it as I was. I was touched by his recognizing how important it was that I kill that thing before going back to bed.

Otto has a habit of walking into the room, huffing and stomping one foot. Then I have to guess what he wants because he can’t talk. Is his yellow cigarillo stuck under the couch? Does he want to go outside? Really those are the only two guesses I’ve learned.

I gave them baths yesterday and haircuts today because I feel bad about how boring I am (seriously I either type or read or watch movies/tv) and also because they stank. White dogs get dirty fast. Otto was very eager for the haircut (lay down patiently on the table when it took me 15 minutes to fix the clippers) but not so much for the bath.

In other really miscellaneous news… I finally saw Knocked Up because my parents are gone and I knew I could watch things they don’t want to see. And I thought it was really good. But those movies still make me feel like the world and popular comedy are inherently sexist, even though I know Judd Apatow isn’t. The ending was uplifting, and the middle was pretty depressing.

I also went to the UTSA library today and it is seriously wack. There are four elevators. One serves floors 2 and 3, one serves floors 1 and 4, and one serves floors 1 and 2. Or something like that. So to get from 4 to 3, you have to go to 1, get off, go to 2, get off and then take a final elevator to 3. I think. I don’t even remember how we did but honestly it was something like that.


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