I guess you need two tries for practicing before you actually get it right.

Went to the Houston consulate this morning and it turns out they do need a copy of the contract or something that gives the dates of my employment. So I dropped everything off and am supposed to fax them something from the university saying I’ve been hired and from when to when. Hopefully I can get it done by Monday or sometime next week. I think I’ll still be leaving on time, the Houston consulate is pretty prompt.

If I ever were to do this again, now I would know exactly how it’s supposed to work…



3 thoughts on “I guess you need two tries for practicing before you actually get it right.

  1. hi! i’m from the assistant forums but my account is deactivated because i changed my e-mail address…still waiting for reactivation. so i would normally ask this on there. but, i have my appointment with the houston consulate on friday and i doubt any of my papers will be in by then. i had to sign a copy of my contract wednesday and then send it back to have the president sign (i don’t know why since really only he needs to sign it to send it to the ddtefp). i asked the consulate if i could leave my stuff and have them keep it until the official papers came in to avoid rescheduling, they said okay. do you have any suggestions? i’m assuming i have to fill out the long stay visa form even though the assistant page says “assistants in high schools or universities” but i dont think my contract will be signed by the rectorat, right? also, do i need fill out an ofii form for the consulate even though they dont list it on their required documents? and did you pay for an envelope there? it also didn’t give instructions on that. thank you so much!

    • Hey Aurora,
      Well, hmm. First of all, sorry it took me a few days to get back to you.

      This is the link for the required documents for your kind of visa at the Houston consulate, in case you hadn’t found it, so yeah you do need to fill out the long stay visa application. Also, do take the OFII form, by now they should all know what it is when you take it out and show it to them. (And you shouldn’t have to pay for your visa, I think they’ve got that figured out now too.) Finally, I did take in a FedEx envelope of my own.

      And yeah, I think you’re right about you not really needing to have signed the contract for them to send it off (I signed my contract this time when I arrived). It’s good that the consulate is letting you leave your stuff there. Unfortunately it sounds like it’ll probably be a couple more weeks before you get your stuff. Fortunately, it sounds like your admin people are on top of it, so you never know.

      The best advice I can give is to stay “zen” as the French say. It’ll all work out, and being able to leave your stuff at the consulate is a good deal. You should totally be paid for Septembre. Are you at the Nancy fac? I know someone who knows someone who was a lecteur there a few years ago, who arrived in November, and was still paid the first two months. That’s pretty much the only result I’ve ever heard of.

      Bon courage!

  2. Hi Eileen,
    Thank you so much for your help! I love it when we Americans always apologize for getting back to someone…it’s as if France hasn’t had much of an effect on us! haha
    Anyway, I think I have everything for the visa so thank you for your help on that.

    ”admin people on top of it” is the last thing i would say about them. i signed my contract, sent them copies via email last wednesday and they should get it in the mail today and they still don’t have the president’s signature on my contract. i don’t get it.

    technically my employer is uhp-nancy1, but i’m working for formation continue which is separate. i don’t get any kids, just old folks 😉

    thanks again and bonne rentree a toi!

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