#1: I ordered Bumble and Bumble’s Curl-Defining Creme and it is magic. Highly recommend. I don’t normally buy salon hair products but this was worth it.

#2: Giant bugs have taken over San Antonio.

Just kidding, don’t worry, this is at the Botanical Gardens. That pink tower in the distance is the Trinity College tower. There were some cool things, including those plants that have ecosystems in the middle of them:

#3: I love the Monte Vista neighborhood in San Antonio. All of the houses are different styles and colors. Here are just a few:

And the coolest one:

After the walk where I took these pictures I successfully got a picture of Otto doing what he does when you come home:

#4: France planning: The mailman tried to deliver my Express mail envelope with my passport/visa in it on Saturday but we weren’t here. I’ll go get it Tuesday. Unless there’s a note in it asking me for my credit card number, this means I got it without paying for it. Thank you Houston consulate women. Also I got my teaching schedule it is not going to be difficult. But I hope to give them projects and homework this year since I’m the only English teacher for the groups they’re giving me.


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