Too much stuff

Have realized I may just not be able to take everything with me that I want. When I was getting ready for my first year in France, I packed really light, having heard that no one ever wishes they’d brought MORE stuff. WRONG. I wished I’d brought more stuff. And now that I know more or less exactly which stuff I’ll want, it’s too much. But not by a whole lot—I think it’ll be fine.

Future girl roomie says she can pick me up at the station on Tuesday (did I mention future girl roomie is a podiatrist? think is hilarious). I have my clothes picked out and my suitcases 90% packed. In my head it sort of feels like I’m already there, but I will be sad to leave here. I always like living at home (a little weird, yes) and get sort of attached to it.

I have this feeling I’ll get to France and it’ll feel like my year in Austin never happened (except that I still have to finish my masters report). But the visceral need to stay in France has faded, and I do have this (backup?) plan of applying to east coast private schools for next school year to teach French. Am taking no bets on which country I end up in—I honestly have no clue and no desire to know yet.

It looks like my dad, with his mass of frequent flyer miles, will be able to get me home for Christmas. After last year, when I was bored and depressed the two weeks in January before I went back to work, I’m taking all the time at home that I can get.

BUT Zandra (who is still one of my most favorite people in the world) is going to be doing an M1 in Avignon this year and I hope to make it down there in October. The SNCF site first was telling me that the only way down to Avignon from Poitiers was to go through Paris, which sounded like balls. But there is one train a day to Avignon from a little train station outside Tours, which is way simpler and a little cheaper. Just have to decide soon and get paid at the end of this month.

One thing that’s been occupying my mind the past week is my freaking human subjects research application. Realized the IRB would not really like it if I used my own students and so asked my boss if I could use hers (she said yes). But it was all sort of last-minute with professors e-mailing me back magically at 9:30 and 10:30 pm. Still need an approval letter from my school but will send that in next week. Hopefully it’ll all go through.


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