I went into the school today for the first time and met my colleagues. They are super nice, and we share an office, where I have a desk, and a computer (!!!). But the computer runs on Windows 2000 so I don’t think it’s going to be super useful for anything but printing. For copies we have to hand stuff to a secretary to do it in time to have it for class, which will take some discipline on my part (i.e. no planning the night before). The school also is about twice the size of my last school, in terms of numbers of students. They have five different options for specializations and there are some doctorate students.

The chick who had my job last year did some serious syllabi and very kindly left them for me. I’ve looked over them and I think I’ll use a few of the articles she used and possibly one of the projects she did, but otherwise I don’t think it’s much my style. She gave her classes actual titles. I think if I titled mine it would be “Crap Eileen Likes.” (Well no not really, of course I could come up with something, probably about culture and writing, but still.)

Also I found out that my contract is renewable (1 time). And they need to know by Christmas. Eek. I guess I’ll probably know by then if I want to do another year. Right now I have no idea.

I also found out how I got my job. Apparently the school has always done an exchange with Illinois Champaign-Urbana and this year it fell through, so the English profs went over to the fac des lettres (across the street) and looked through their pile of CVs. With my last job it sounded like an exchange fell through as well, so generally I think there’s a good deal of luck in getting these positions. I did have an answer from Le Havre but they wanted to know when I could come in for an interview so I don’t think that one would really have happened. Otherwise, this is the only offer I got this year, so hurrah that it worked out.

Lots of my friends have come back to France in other places. I’ll have to meet up with American J at some point as she’s in Evreux. And I need to get back to Nancy and see Linda in Strasbourg as well as Zandra in Avignon and Francesca in Barcelona. Traveling may be limited to crashing at friends’ this year.

Well I thought I had more to say. In any case I’m excited to start work.


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