Sorry for the un-postiness.

I’ve been doing stuff, going to the office, playing farmville, smashing flies with the newspaper. But I’m hardly ever alone in the evenings so that’s why I haven’t been posting much. Arriving with roommates is so different from arriving alone. Someone cooks every night and at least three of us eat together, though it tends to be pretty late, 9 or 9:30. I spend hardly any time in my room, which is good because it needs a number of things before I’ll feel like doing anything in there besides sleeping.

(Seriously though I killed three flies yesterday (definitely getting the hang of it). Does fly paper exist in France? If it does I may need to convince the colocs that we should put some up.)

Tomorrow is my first day of class, 8-9:30 with the first-years. Afterward I’ll wait around for three hours to meet with the other two English profs, so I may actually do a little organizing for my masters report, which I have sort of let fall by the wayside since arriving.

There are lots of things I’ve meant to post over the past few days, but I get home and talk to the colocs and forget about them. However, I will try to bring back a couple:

1) The other new English teacher (there are three of us, one being the head of the department) asked me today what my plans are, if I’ll stay in France or whatnot. So I told her my plan to go back and teach French and my other plan to maybe stay here and pass the CAFEP or something. On the one hand, I should probably stop kidding myself, I’ll almost surely want to stay here another year. But I’m really not sure about after. Part of me feels like my year in Austin never happened, but in reality I know it changed my outlook. It made me feel better about the States and the lifestyle and opportunities there. While I don’t want to live in Austin—I’d like a place with more history—there are definitely places in the U.S. where I’m really interested in living—Boston, of course, Philadelphia, D.C., maybe Houston, even San Antonio. Mostly I just want a place to make a life, and it could be in France or any number of places. So that is what worries me about spending another year at this post. If I don’t meet someone during these two years, I’m not sure there’s any point in staying, and I may in fact rather have just done one and headed west. If I do, then everything will probably be much clearer. I hate to make it sound like my plans evolve around having a boyfriend, but, well, I’m sort of sick of wandering, and I love both of these countries.

2) Poitiers is really nice so far, though I have to say I’ve spent about three hours total in the centre ville. We live at Poitiers Sud, with a fifteen-minute bus ride into town and a 20-minute bus ride after that to the university. Sometimes the commute gets longer because I take some time to wander around downtown, because today and yesterday we’ve had beautiful weather. The city is walled, and there’s some sort of canal or river running around in it (obviously am not too clear on the lay-out here). But it’s really pretty to cross the river/canal on the way to school. The gare, on the other hand, is the first gare I’ve seen in France which is not a classic old-looking building. It’s really pretty modern and not that close to the centre ville, because of the aforementioned wall, and I can’t really figure it out.

And less interesting:

3) The OFII office for the region is literally less than two blocks from my house. And yet I have to pay to send a registered letter there to turn in my papers. The post office is across the street from my house. Seriously this feels like postal service abuse. But it is “la procédure.”

4) DVD player on my computer is pété. Have ordered an external MacBook Air superdrive, though is weird because the drive still reads CDs and software. I feel like at some point though my computer will be mostly external components. External hard drive, external microphone, external DVD player. At least the mother/logic-board still works. I can deal with lots of cords as long as the thing still basically works. (Though I WOULD love one of those new little MacBook Pros.)


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