Things are more or less coming together.

I got paid, I got my bank card, and I got my checkbook. Unfortunately I do not have my bank card code yet because I didn’t have my name on the mailbox, and front desk bank lady thinks it was probably sent back. So I need to ask her to ask them to resend it. In the meantime I’ll write checks (weird) and buy things online.

I’ve been planning out my classes, especially the 3rd-years where it appears I more or less get to choose which 13 weeks I teach, and it’s a bit disturbing to keep flipping past Dec 4th in my planner. That’s the date my masters report is due and although I have the 25 pages of lit review written, I need to make sure I get the study done in time to write it up AND have a couple weeks’ leeway for my supervisors to read it. Am going to talk to my boss this Thursday about when I can do the study in her classes. Need to not get so sucked up into my French life that I forget about graduating.

But fun things are starting to get planned. I think I’m swinging through Paris for a night before heading down to Avignon for the Toussaint vacation, to foutre le bordel with Zandra. Then the weekend after, Marie and I have bought tickets to see Benabar in Poitiers, and she has been invited by her bank to a tennis match and Superbus concert in Paris the day after so if she gets the places, we’ll go to that. And am trying to see if I can go see Linda in Strasbourg in late November once I don’t work Tuesdays anymore. There is amazingly a direct TGV from Poitiers to Strasbourg that costs, with the 12-25 card, as little as 22 euros one-way.

Marie and I cooked this taco mix last night out of one of her French cookbooks and it was good although not as spicy as American mixes. There were raisins in it, which I liked. Think will add them to chili next time I make it. Bit difficult to make chili the way I like it though without black beans.


2 thoughts on “Things are more or less coming together.

  1. I am jealous of all the concerts you’re seeing!! And careful that they don’t charge you for sending your PIN again, my bank did, and if it’s not your fault than it’s stupid that you have to pay.

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