The roommates are gone for the weekend

so I’m finally here all by my self. But I did meet a few of the roommates’ friends when they walked into the house looking for them after the roommates themselves had already left. Am getting readjusted to bise-ing with people I don’t know at all.

Julien (roommate) walked out of the house with my (gas-perm) contacts in his pocket this morning (clearly, not in his eyes). I of course didn’t know this when I woke up and looked for them in their normal spot in the bathroom. As my students would say “ça m’a fait halluciné.” Am going to write my name on the case in big blue letters.

The students turned in their video intros yesterday and most of them are adorable.

Anyway, as is my habit when I’m bored and alone, I think I might go shopping tomorrow. I’m still looking for a pair of shoes for my old woman feet that don’t look like old woman shoes. And I hope to get an abstract written for this conference in Liege (although my study is not really right up their alley so I won’t be too surprised if it’s not accepted).

Last Sunday Marie and I went to Rochefort. (We were going to go to La Rochelle but we forgot about the Grand Pavois.)

The main square where we ate lunch

We went to tour the construction of the Hermione, which was La Fayette’s ship, and which they’re reconstructing for a trip to Boston whenever it’s finished.


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