All the computers

at the school this week got a virus from each other and went down. Mine works for typing and printing but not yet for the internet. So I’ll be working on my virus-proof Macbook till that gets fixed. This computer’s better anyway. It just isn’t hooked up to a printer… Am currently doing a scan anyway because my USB key got infected and I’d like to not infect another one and this scan is taking ages.

Tomorrow I’m going to a medecin to overwhelm her with questions about how to transition from my America-prescriptions-and-problems to French ones. Mostly I want new prescriptions, I want to know if there’s such a thing as super low-dose aspirin in France (like 80mg—is there?), and I want to be referred to a podiatrist. Maybe the French can make me some orthotics that work better and/or go into more shoes. (Certainly they will be cheaper.) Because I just about have marre of trying to find shoes for these freaking old-person feet.


What do you think?

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