Train tickets

in hand for Avignon in two weeks and for the fête des lumières in Lyon. And I bought easyjet tickets to Barcelone for the end of November to see Francesca. Yay!

Also, I got my OFII convocation. Of course, it’s right before my Friday class. And of course, I didn’t get their e-mail addresses this morning so I can tell them our next class (which is two weeks from now) will have to be canceled. It’s not a big deal, I can add onto the other end, or else I would try to call the OFII (which is two blocks from my house…) and change my appointment. But I’m too lazy for that. I’ll just write a note on the wall and hope they see it I guess.

Am considering buying an iPhone in November. It would be 139 euros but unlockable after 6 months, and the monthly fee would be either 26 or 39 euros. Tempting…


3 thoughts on “Train tickets

  1. It’s with Bouygues, although I realized that the iPhone is only 139 euros if you get the 53 euro/month contract. I think it still might be a better deal than SFR or Orange though… we’ll see.

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