What I've been up to

Last weekend was the festival Les Expressifs in Poitiers. I went into town with roommate Julien and his friends Friday night, and some of the acts were really good. Then Saturday night, when Marie and I stayed in, all the concerts were canceled from, I think, around 9 or 10 onward, because of protestors who ran around breaking windows downtown. I’m not sure what they were rioting about, but the damage was pretty evident the next day.

Wednesday night Mattea came to visit. Mattea is Californian and we met last last April at Neptune’s Hostel my last night in Killarney. We had a great time and met up again in Dublin for a day (Killarney>Dublin, btw… neither of us really liked Dublin). Now she is moving to Austria and decided to come through France on her way. We had a lot of fun, and I’m really glad she came and we got to know each other better. Marie speaks English but Julien and Alexis (roommate) don’t (though they certainly know more English words than Mattea knows French). Now she is gone, on some wild trajectory that goes from Nantes, to Milan, to Bratislava, to Vienna, all in the course of 24 hours and all in the effort to get to Salzburg.

Mattea bought a bag of Haribos and I decided to buy a bag of Haribo Schtroumpfs so I’m sitting here eating them. They remind me of my first trip to Paris and my 12th birthday, when two of the boys on the trip (who were usually sort of jerks) gave me a bag in a bizarre turn of generosity.

Now I am catching up on work. This week I give my masters report study to the students (I finally got IRB approval! yay!), I go to the podiatrist, and I have my immigration appointment on Friday morning. It’s going to be a packed week. But at the end of it is vacation, and j’ai hâte!!


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