In need of suggestions

What can be cooked/made in advance and packed in a suitcase to be dropped off once in Paris and then another sampling in Avignon? The one to get to Avignon has to last three days, Paris just one, but it would be easiest to make the same thing. I was sort of imagining something that sets… if that makes sense. Suggestions?


3 thoughts on “In need of suggestions

  1. L says:

    Anything baked…breads, cakes, cookies. You can make a savory cake with olives and mushrooms (but not ham if it’s gonna sit out a while) that should last. Pie can definitely last three days at room temperature, but pecan pie is about the only one I’d feel comfortable packing up and being sure it wouldn’t drip all over the place.

  2. Laurel says:

    Yeah, what about something like banana bread (ooh or ginger bread), wrapped up tight in saran wrap? Do you have a loaf pan? If you could stick it in the freezer while you were in Paris that would be even better. Just don’t forget and leave it there!

  3. Have settled on pumpkin bread. Just finished a test run tonight and it smells good but it is a completely different color from what I’m used to. I had to roast the pumpkin myself so maybe I didn’t pulverise it enough. We’ll see how it tastes when it cools…

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