Other stuff happened

I guess I didn’t post about anything but the iPhone (still very exciting—have been skyping people from it). I went down to Avignon last week and it was lots of fun. Z and I sort of meant to go to Aix or maybe Orange one day but we kept being too lazy. We cooked good food, we ate a picnic on the island, we walked around lots, and we went to Sarah’s awesome Halloween party and met awesome people.

The train ride on the way back was le bordel, pardon my French. I’m sure it was because it was the last day of the vacances but it’s possible there were storms too or something. I took the train direct from Avignon to St Pierre des Corps that I didn’t have to switch in Paris (Lyon –> Montparnasse), but it turns out it’s not very direct. It goes to Lyon. Then to Massy TGV. Then to StPdCorps. Here’s what that looks like:

And then I had the 40-minute trip to Poitiers. Anyway we left Avignon 15 minutes late and arrived in St P des Corps 40 minutes late, so I missed my connection. The next connection was only a half hour later, but everything was so screwed up that they held us there (with a big platform mix-up so that they announced several times on the train that it was going to Poitiers and not Tours) while they let the TGVs get out. I got home an hour and a half late. I got one of those envelopes to send in so maybe I’ll get some money back.

So now I’m back doing things like practice TOEICs and watching The Office in class. I’ve done the Office in class before and I can just about not stand to watch the English version anymore. I’ve just watched it too many times and David Brent makes me too uncomfortable.

I’m also trying to finish off my report in the next couple of weeks but I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

And that’s what’s up. That and the iPhone.


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