Teacher Nerdiness

I finally went to a training session on how to use the university’s new online platform and now we finally have an online platform up and running for our first-year classes. I kind of want to go nuts editing with it but I don’t have much to add for the moment. It just opens up so many possibilities, for having them watch videos at home etc. I could even make them have a discussion, though I didn’t much enjoy that myself in grad school. Not to mention, now they can turn their homework in in simple text form online instead of e-mailing me a mess of .pdfs, .odts, .docs, .docxs (which my Mac can read but not my computer at school), and some other strange things I had never seen before.

V. tempting to just start adding things left and right.


One thought on “Teacher Nerdiness

  1. Sweet!! I wish my university had some sort of CMS so I could make my students upload their homework and recordings at home instead of always rushing to get it done during class time.

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