Being unexpectedly tutoied by people

1) My directeur d’etudes

2) The youngish dude at Bouyges Telecom (who also not-so-helpfully informed me that it’s really best to just leave my iPhone in France because the charges a l’etranger are fou)

Is this normal? Directeur d’etudes also did the bise (a la poitevine, just once) which surprised me.


4 thoughts on “Being unexpectedly tutoied by people

  1. Laurel says:

    Unrelated to tutoying, but you can bring it, just leave it on airplane mode the whole time, and turn the WiFi on whenever you want internet and have a local network available. I did that in Canada. Maybe you knew that.

  2. I’ve had some random people tutoie me or bise me. Like when I first arrived back in France, I went to my favorite cafe, and the next thing I knew, one of the server’s faces was in my face. Apparently, we do the bise now.

  3. I am getting used to the other students tutoying me this year, since I am a student too. The first week I was super grumpy, I was like, what is this nonsense, I used to be the teacher, etc. I feel like the Directeur d’etudes is okay, but the Bouyges guy is not. Unless he figured a foreigner wouldn’t notice the difference, so it’s extra rude.

  4. Yeah, I’ll probably do that. For this weekend I think I’ll charge up my old pay-as-you-go phone and take it to use in Spain.

    As for the Bouygues guy, it’s possible he recognizes me since he sold me my first phone. Also he’s pretty young. All the same, I think it’s weird.

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