Back from Barcelona

and not a whole lot going on. I’m supposed to go to Lyon for the fête des lumières this weekend but there are 14 people staying in my host’s apartment so I’m thinking of bailing.

Barcelona was fun. Francesca and Julio and I went out for tapas, I listened to people speaking Spanish and Italian, and spoke the tiniest bit of Spanish myself to Franci’s Polish roommate. Finally at the end of the weekend her roommate’s friend was visiting so we spoke English and I discovered that we could have spoken English all weekend—Francesca’s English is good enough and she has a cute English accent. But it was more fun the other way.

I’ve been thinking anyway of spending a month in Spain next summer working on my Spanish. Julio is from Valencia and Francesca pointed out not only that Valencia would be cheaper than Madrid but that it would also be by the beach. So I’m thinking of doing this next summer in either July or August:
Intensive Summer Spanish Courses at the Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad de Valencia

It was motivating to be in Barcelona listening to all that Spanish (and Catalan). Spanish is such a cool-sounding language. I’d really like to be able to speak it in more than the present tense.


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