This retour has been sort of hard. I think the last one was too so I keep trying to remind myself that every year I’ve been in France, January has only been the beginning.

So I keep waking up pretty bummed out and just wanting to stay in bed. And then I do like an adult and get up and go to work. It really cheers me up. Some of my students are awesome. The first-years had to do presentations in December (on something of their choice related to science, business, or technology) and then I told them to do a portfolio-like project (only portfolio like because it is the only one, though maybe we’ll do another next semester), totally different from anything these little future engineers do in their other classes, and some of them made really awesome things. The girl who presented on pedometers made a brochure in the shape of a big foot. I can’t wait to grade them. I’m even enjoying my TOEIC prep class and my first-year catch-up classes (they’re technically “soutien” classes).


What do you think?

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