Work + home

Today is my last day of second-year soutien classes since they all take the TOEIC next week.
It’ll really free up my Thursdays—I’ll have more than fifteen minutes to eat lunch! (That’s really my fault since I had to move the class earlier due to my violin lesson). But I enjoy my second-year soutien. Teaching to the TOEIC is really not so bad. We do vocabulary, we do reading and listening techniques, we talk about and complain about the test, not to mention, I have a book to use as a references. In first-year soutien, all we do is grammar. It’s all they want. Maybe it’s because it’s my native language but I struggle to give explanations that I’m satisfied with. Also every class takes the form: give a review sheet, explain it, give exercises, watch them complete them, then go over them. Once 2A soutien is over maybe I’ll at least have more time to think about how to spruce it up.

It’s interesting though because these are very analytical classes, and they are with the weakest students. Some of these students can’t speak English well at all, yet surprise me by understanding an abstract grammar explanation immediately. It confuses me that this hasn’t helped them more in learning English.

I’ll be happy when my Thursdays are less stressful. In late March I stop giving 1A soutien. My third years will also be gone, and my second-year classes will consist mostly of presentations. So while I’m happy it’ll be less hectic, I’m also wondering what on earth I’ll do with myself once the work lets up.

We put the coloc back up on appartager last night. I hope we find someone awesome fast so that I can find my dream apartment. I was thinking about going through an agency but not that it comes down to it, I’m not sure I can afford the fees.


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