Back in the quatre-vingt-six

Vacation was awesome. Zandra met my awesome ex-students, we played lots of poker, we went into much too expensive stores near our rented apartment, we saw the Chinese New Year parade, and worlds in general collided in awesomeness. Unfortunately we did both get enrhumée which was a bit of a drag. In terms of tourism, we went back to the Orsay and the Pompidou with our prof cards that got us in free, and to the Gustave Moreau museum (not free but reduced) which was sort of interesting but not fantastic. But I wanted to see something new. I introduced Zandra to felafel in the Marais, where we met Shannon. Then Sunday I went down to spend two days with Nicknameless Boy, where he let me talk about teaching all I wanted. And now I’m back home. I’m hoping to get the keys to the new apartment early next week and then move next Friday. Fingers crossed the proprios come back from the Pyrenees in time to do that. In an ideal world the move would go this way:

Monday (or Saturday): 1) Sign contract, get copy of contract, keys, name of last renter 2) Call EDF 3) Go to Bouygues to order internet
Tuesday: Go to Troc to order furniture (small dining room table, coffee table, bedside table, chairs), buy household items (mop, broom, dish soap, dishes, pots & pans, bathmat)
Wednesday/Thursday pm: Have Troc furniture delivered
Friday afternoon/evening: Get roommate A and friends to help me move, then compensate them with aperos
Some day in the future: Order a couch, probably from 3suisses

Crossing fingers so hard I don’t have to wait any longer than that. My parents come the weekend after that one so it certainly won’t be happening then. I would like them to see the new place when they come.

Otherwise, I just posted 3 ads on the internet for cours particuliers. We’ll see ce que ça donne. Am going to try to start working hard on turning my masters report into a paper, and have started working on the poster for the Turkey conference, but I need to go to the copy place to find out what size poster they can print off. It is France, after all. You never know what kind of technology they have. Awesome 3-ring binders, bad computers (for instance mine at the school—which runs on WIndows 2000—wouldn’t turn on this morning).


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