Keys! Monday!

I’m getting the keys Monday! The landlady called this morning. I went to the bank this afternoon and they squeezed me in for an appointment Monday morning. Actually they more or less created an appointment for me when there were none. All branches of the Banque Populaire that I’ve ever worked with have been incredibly nice and helpful.

Alexis (roommate) is on board to help me move next Friday and I need to talk to Julien (roommate). I think I’m going to rent a camion since it looks like it’ll only be around 50 euros (hurrah for being 25, for once) and will save us all the aller-retours and figuring out how to mount the sommier on the top of someone’s car.

On another note, there is no edible cheese in the house. Sometimes I think my roommates are not actually French.


What do you think?

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