Couch choices

Am going to Conforama and But on Monday to look at couches and these are the ones I’ve found online:

from But

I can’t decide if it’s cute or ugly. I need a second opinion. What do you think?

from Conforama

Otherwise there’s this.


4 thoughts on “Couch choices

  1. I kind of really love that first one! I do tend to like funkier things (so you know), but I find it really cute. Of course, seeing it in person might give you a better idea on whether you like it or not.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah I think I’ll need some color in the room. Am leaning toward that one too. It’s cheaper but also smaller. Mostly I want to at least sit on it before paying for it!

  3. Yes, if it’s hard as a rock, it won’t seem as cute. Who knows, you might even find something you like even more when you go to the stores? But of those two, I vote for the first one if it ends up being comfortable.

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