New friends, new home (soon anyway)

Yesterday I spent all day doing stuff for the apartment. First I got my insurance (my conseillère bancaire was very nice as they always seem to be), then I went out to Chasseneuil du Poitou to order a couch. I ordered the one everyone liked. It was pretty comfy, and pretty small, but big enough for two people to sleep on every once in a while. I thought about getting a chauffeuse at the same time but they were all butt ugly. I thought about getting a pouf but then I realized if I get another chair-type thing I want it to be something that someone is actually comfortable sitting in. Then at 4 o’clock I met the landlords (and their granddaughters) and I got the keys and the contract! I went straight to Bouygues where they told me no one had used the line before me, so then I went to FT where it became clear that no one has had a phone line in that apartment since 2003. So it’s going to be re-opened next Tuesday morning. I think a few weeks without internet will do me good. I’ll read more, and listen to music more. I’m already trying to sort of load up on things to read. Plus I live practically next door to the médiathèque so besides Sunday and Monday I’ll have easy internet access there. Plus oh yeah, I have an iPhone.

I have new friends. They are a canadienne (T) and her French boyfriend (D) and I met them at the soirée polyglotte and they seem awesome. I had lunch with T yesterday and then that evening they took me to Géant Casino where I bought everything for my apartment. Everything except a cutting board, that is, which I only realized because T actually ended up cooking there. T and D were out of gas at their apartment so I said if they were up for eating on the floor they could cook at my new one since I had to drop the stuff off anyway. So we baptized the place by eating spaghetti on the floor.

I returned today at 5 to accept the delivery of my Troc furniture. So now there are four chairs, a small dining table, a coffee table, a nightstand, and lots of dishes in the place. I also called EDF today and got electricity sorted out.

Am hoping for a crémaillère the weekend of the 27th. Numerous people would need to come in from out of town though so am waiting for some confirmation that they could come.

I LOVE my new apartment! And I’m not even in it yet!


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