Holy sh*te

How is it already March?? It feels like yesterday I got back from the States after Christmas. Am listening to all the Indochine songs I was listening to just before Christmas, when I had just gone the long ridiculous route of getting Nicknameless Boy’s phone number and making contact.

In other news, I was told today that I was accepted to have my contract renewed by the university. Yay! Otherwise I would have been baisé-ed. Also I am quite happy to stay at this school for another year.

The roommates have gone out and it feels so wonderful to be alone. I wonder if that will change once I’ve lived alone for a while. I don’t think so though. I have so much work to get done (conference proposals, poster, start writing that freaking paper out of my thesis data already) that I’m looking forward to doing once I have no internet.

The crémaillère is looking to be the weekend of the 27th. One ex-student has confirmed that she could come then, Zandra might come, and it is apparently the only weekend in March-April that roommate Julien is not occupé.


What do you think?

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