An uninspired post from the mediatheque

I never blog well when I’m on a public computer. Not that my blog posts are usually well-crafted pieces of literature or anything.

Obviously the reason I’m in the mediatheque is that I’ve moved! The boy roommates helped me move Friday, though it was mostly Alexis because Julien threw his back out Friday afternoon. But he was very helpful when it came to passing the bed through the window instead of the tiny twisty staircase. It helps to have rockclimbing friends who know how to tie knots.

Anyway, I’ve been chilling at the new chez moi and hanging out with the new cool friends and trying to meet people. Everything’s awesome except that the girl above me seems to stomp around a lot. I think I’ll get used to it. I’m already used to the sun (lack of shutters) and the churchbells.

I’ve started reading Entre les murs which I saw last year in Houston with Anna. It’s pretty engrossing though a different experience from the movie. I’ve been reading back issues of the Language Educator which I haven’t read in months and watching old episodes of 30 rock and I even have a Foreign Language Annals to flip through at some point. And a student asked me for a letter of recommendation. The conference in Turkey wrote to me to ask if I’d be interested in doing an oral presentation instead of a poster so I said yes. I just have to grow some gonads because I think the thing makes more sense and will be more fun as a presentation. I also have this proposal to write for that conference in July and have to start thinking about how to turn my report into a paper. This is all easier to do when upstairs neighbor is sitting down (seriously am not sure she sits) or not there.


One thought on “An uninspired post from the mediatheque

  1. You mean there are things to do without the internet? One can amuse oneself using old fashioned things like books and movies? Wow!

    Just kidding. Glad to hear you’re settled in to the new place. Good luck with the presentations and the tap dancer upstairs.

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