St Emilion

It’s been a while since I last posted. Not much has been happening except the parental trip. We spent one day in La Rochelle/the Ile de Ré. La Rochelle looked fine but the Ile was definitely suffering the effects of the storm. Trees were down everywhere. The little lighthouse museum wasn’t open yet because there was still no electricity there.We stopped for lunch in La Flotte where there was only one restaurant open.

It was really yummy though. I ate the best shrimp of my life.

In La Rochelle we wandered around and also went to the aquarium (the parents being avid scuba divers this was pretty necessary).

Then we went down to the Bordeaux region.

The vines look pretty different in the winter. They were all just being pruned so some fields had one or two shoots coming off of each vine and some still had a big mess of shoots.

We went to two different chateaux for a tour—one in Médoc and one in the St Emilion region. It’s the low season so it was just us and one of the winemakers. St Emilion itself is a really pretty town. I’d like to go back in the summer.


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