Today I put up new curtains in my living room and draped a big cloth along the wall. I hope to print off photos and stick them to it. Marie is going to give me an Ikea wall hanging to put on the other side of the room and at some point I’ll buy a clock. I also planted rosemary, thyme, basil, and chives in a window box and hung it out on my window railing. It looks much better and I promise soon to take pictures and post them.

Yesterday and the day before I hung out at the coloc because we have a friend visiting from Lyon.

Friday I sliced my finger open with a bread knife and, after stopping the bleeding, called Marie to take a look at it. She and Julien came swiftly, she cleaned it and wrapped it up, and we went downstairs to the doctor who lives below me. He took me since it was an urgence, and he told me he wouldn’t do stitches because he thought that would just make it worse. So I’ve got steristrips on my finger, and my finger is more or less curled until the wound heals over. So no violin, definitely weird typing, and no real handywork for a good two weeks. I can’t grasp too many things either. It’s the index finger of my left hand and it already has a scar on it from a history project in 1998.

Thursday night I had also gone to the coloc, ended up spending the night there, and came back first thing in the morning to get some real sleep in my own bed. I got up again at 2, showered, sliced my finger open, and almost passed out while Marie was cleaning the wound. She make me drink some apple juice and eat something since I hadn’t eaten since the night before.

Nothing too interesting, really, happened before then. Tomorrow I start teaching English to a six-year-old girl and Wednesday is my last class with my second-years. Then Friday I’m on vacation, except that I’ll start tutoring a girl in terminale that afternoon (which was supposed to start last Friday except that I cut my finger open).

I hope everyone out there, regular readers etc., is doing well.


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