It’s been a while…

I’ve been on vacation since the beginning of April and not a whole lot of newsworthy stuff is going on.

I injured myself in a restaurant by falling down on their wet floor (entirely their fault, not mine). This was about a week and a half ago now and it still hurts to lean over, put shoes on, etc. but it is slowly getting better. The doctor gave me a prescription for an x-ray if it still hurts after a week (which it does), so I’m considering going, but I haven’t decided yet.

Jess, Shannon, and Emily all came to Poitiers on Friday. I had practice giving a tour of Poitiers because of a brief visit from ksam four days before. I think I’m getting it down. But it’s a really cute town and so much of the stuff I’d like to show people is in all different directions that I always have to limit myself. In a dream visit of Poitiers where seeing all of these things wouldn’t mean walking for hours I would be able to show all of these things (ALL of these pictures are from other sites, I didn’t take any of them):

The Parc Blossac

The Place D’Armes, where there was an Apéro Géant Friday evening (no photo for this one)

The Rue de la Cathédrale and the Cathédrale itself

And other random cool stuff in centre ville, like the entrance to the old Roman amphitheater, and this building next to the mairie:

next to the mairie

(Photos from here, here, here, and here.)

A few weekends ago Marie and I and my replacement at the coloc went driving around the area. We stopped at Chateau Touffou, which was really not all that crazy:

Château Touffou

Not very aptly named

And in Chauvigny, which was very pretty.

This past weekend I was in Montmorillon staying with Marie and taking care of two dogs:


Not much else is going on. My basil plant almost died but I think it’s mounting a comeback. Tara is going to cut my hair on Thursday (not too drastically). I have a couchsurfer coming this weekend. I’m trying more to plan my two weeks in Valencia in August. Nicknameless boy is not really working out. I’m excited about my 2 days in Turkey at a 5-star hotel with a beach and swimming pools. I’ve just run through my presentation once and it was 15 minutes too long. The apartment remains wonderful. I’m tutoring almost three people now. Life is good.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Soleil: Cool! I like it better than the other places I’ve lived in France. But I may be easily pleased.
    Laurel: I think I said that because one of them wasn’t confirmed yet… or because she might only need help until May. I’m not exactly sure why I said that way. We may never know. But today I found a fourth!

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