Concours, cours particuliers

The head of our little English department passed the Agreg over the April break. Pass in the English sense, not the French one—when she told me I wasn’t sure which she meant. I’m pretty excited for her, and I don’t even know her that well. It’s also excited just to know someone, especially a native speaker, who’s done it. The mention of a concours and the possibility of passing one has brought the specter of the CAFEP back to looming in the back of my mind as one real serious possibility for staying in France. Of course, with all the changes that are happening now, who knows how long that’ll really be a possibility. Ann passed the Agreg by using the CNED and studying all year. It’s making me wonder if I should start really looking into the CAFEP, at least figure out what it really involves.

In other job-related news, private tutoring continues to pick up. I have four students now, one of whom I’m starting with tomorrow. One student is only until the bac in June, though, and another might only need lessons till an exam in May, so I can’t stop looking yet. I’ve learned a few things about what rules I need to follow though. First, stop charging less than I should just because these people seem nice. Second, I won’t go to people’s houses anymore unless they live in centre ville. Seriously, tutoring this 6-year-old, I lose forty minutes before English time even starts.


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