I just had a conversation on facebook with my French ex that was so ridiculous I can reproduce it from memory:

JS: Hello
Me: Hello
JS: You want to come in my house in Bretagne?
Me: Mais pourquoi tu penses que c’est une bonne idée?
JS: A very good idea!
Me: Oui mais ce n’est pas une réponse ça
And then suddenly he went offline.

Man, I am so over crap from boys.

It’s funny though because I was thinking about him today. I saw this Tracy Chapman album at the FNAC that his mom had. It was one of those little details that two years ago would have made me really sad—to know that I would never be that intimately involved in his life again. And today it was just like, oh yeah, that’s where I’ve seen that CD before. But it gave me some hope, because I’ve been really disappointed and sad about Nicknameless Boy. So it’s helpful to know that someday the details that are making me sad now will be as banal as this CD.

But it would be nice if it would happen faster. My life right now is really pretty good. I’ve got more private students, I’m keeping busy, I’m meeting new people every week. If only this one thing could stop dragging me down. Bitches and hos.


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