To CAFEP or not? Some familiar (to me) questions.

Welllllll so since the post down below, I’ve been doing some more thinking and internet poking-around about the CAFEP (which I continually mistakenly call the CAPEF). The reason I’m thinking about it now is that it seems like I could use this next secure year in France, with a not-too-stressful job, to study for it and take it, instead of waiting till next year and panicking about leaving France and having to sign up for another M2 because I couldn’t find a job in a private school here.

I don’t think the reform should really affect me but it’s hard to tell. I have what should be the equivalent of an M2 (an M.A. in foreign language education). I’d need to get it validated. I have a job where I have enough time on the side to sign up with the CNED and do some serious studying.

The other thing is, from what I’ve been reading it looks like the dates of the exams will change, with the idea being that the written exams will take place at the end of the first semester and the orals at the end of the second. I could be wrong, but to me, end of semester means December, possibly January. When do they usually even announce the concours program?

So my current questions are:

A) The boring ones:
1) Who do I really talk to about whether my masters qualifies me? Formiris? The IUFM?

2) Is the registration process still the same if they seemingly are going to change the timeline of the concours?

3) Wtf do you register with anyway? This one I could probably figure out myself. But all these websites become a little overwhelming after a while.

B) The serious ones:
4) Is this worth all the effort when I’m not sure I want to stay in France? Basically it’s a big monster effort to keep my options open.

5) Is this the best option for taking the CAFEP?
I mean, would it be stupid to wait till next spring and see what pops up? My fear is that if I wait, I’ll end up wanting to stay, with no way of earning money besides applying to the assistantship (I only did one year), earning 750 euros/month again and studying on the side. And, frankly, I don’t really feel like being an assistant again. I don’t want to sign up for another M2. I want to be a real teacher.

6) BUT do I want to stay in France?
And that one, as ALWAYS, is the Big Question. In reality I have no objections to going back to the U.S.. I just object to going back definitively, and I feel that if I go back at the end of these two years, I’ll have cut some options short: I don’t see any feasible way to study for and take a concours from abroad, so that one would be out. In theory I think it would be possible to find a job in a private school from over there, but it would be pretty complicated, much more complicated than if I were here working and able to visit a school. I do know sometimes foreigners who are U.S. certified teachers get hired for international schools in France, but that seems like a real longshot. There would always be exchanges and school trips, but those aren’t the same thing as living here.

Also, there is the serious possibility that I will meet someone (who doesn’t turn out to be a flake, I mean, I imagine it’s possible) in the next 1.3 years, which will only add to my desire to live here. I don’t want to be in an “oh shit, I didn’t prepare for this” situation come August 2011, or earlier. Honestly, I probably have to start really deciding come next January when the job search in the States would need to begin.

But then there’s question number 4. It would all be a shit-ton of work.

Que pensáis? Any wisdom out there?


One thought on “To CAFEP or not? Some familiar (to me) questions.

  1. mom says:

    American kids do this all the time—spend all their spare time (and some of the time they should be studying for their classes) studying for the MCAT or the PCAT (pharmacy) or the DAT (dental). Those are really hard tests too though it sounds like your frog tests are harder. They also have to spend $2K to take those Kaplan courses.
    Think about whether you’d have to give up your tutoring to have enough time to study

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