Turkey, Crémaillère, CAFEP?

1) I threw my crémaillère (finally) last night and it was fun. My aperitif shelf is finally filled and I think I have enough juice (thanks to everyone who brought stuff) for breakfast for the next month or so. It was nice to see everyone all in one place talking to each other since my friends here are generally in three different groups and have never actually met.

2) I’m going to Turkey on Thursday! I’m giving a presentation on my masters project Friday afternoon at a conference. There are some interesting things to go to Friday morning, afternoon, and Saturday morning, but Saturday afternoon nothing is tempting so I think I’m going to take advantage of the 5-star hotel’s beach front and possibly its two swimming pools. I bought (ridiculously expensive) French sun screen today and I am NOT going to come back sunburnt! But I’m really excited. The trip there and back is going to be a little stressful. I’ll be in Paris Wednesday night staying with a friend because the SNCF makes me nervous, and my flight out is at 1 Thursday from CDG. I have a five-hour lay-over in Munich and arrive in Izmir at 10:45 pm where I have to take a one-hour taxi to Selçuk. So I think I’ll get there after midnight, and then get up the next day at 8 for the conference. And then Sunday morning I have to get up at 4 in order to be in Izmir for a flight at 8. Woo! But I’ll be back in Paris by 12:45 (I think there’s a time difference in there somewhere though). That’s what you get with the cheap ticket though. At least it’s Lufthansa so I think I can check a bag (better double check that).

3) Am continuing with the paperwork for the CAFEP. I sent in my dossier to get the interview for the pré-accord collégial and I sent in my file to get my masters validated (to the ENIC-NARIC, run by the CIEP). The people at the ENIC-NARIC said it would probably take till August or September to get the thing validated, so hopefully no one will care if it’s not done by the end of registration (and last I checked, no one, including the rectorat, knew yet when that will be). I mean, I do technically have a masters degree already. We shall see.


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