In Turkey

So far this trip has been fab. I went to Paris Wednesday evening after tutoring a family I started tutoring a few weeks ago. I stayed with A who was just flying in from Switzerland. We ate Subway and played Nintendo. It was nice. Then I got up and went to CDG, flew to Munich where I spent four hours, and eventually made my way to Izmir and down to this resort hotel near Selçuk. I had asked the travel agency for the conference to reserve a private transfer for me from the airport (since I was arriving after 11 pm) and when I walked out of the terminal there was a man holding a sign with my name on it. First time ever.

I’m sharing a room with a friend of a grad school friend and she is very cool. The conference has been sort of interesting, with some ups and some not so ups. But it’s been good to be back in this environment again. I gave my presentation today and then we went to Ephesus. I can’t post pictures now because I didn’t bring my camera cord with me.

One nice thing about this is that all of my meals were included in the registration fee. Need to keep self from stuffing self. Tomorrow I hope to see one presentation in the morning, go to the beach, eat lunch, see another presentation, and return to the beach. I’m working on my self-imposed extensive reading in French. I finished Les Années in the Munich airport and it is a beautiful book and also helped me learn a lot more about France since the war. Right now I’ve started Sylvie Germain’s L’Inaperçu which is also turning out well.

Here’s a link to the presentation I gave this afternoon about anglicisms and French EFL learners.


3 thoughts on “In Turkey

  1. Laurel says:

    Your trip sounds awesome. I am craving some beach time myself — for some reason it decided to get hot here today. Guess I’ll just compensate by gorging myself on gelato instead.

    Also, jealous of your chauffeur waiting at the airport. And the free meals! Who says that linguists don’t live the high life?

  2. I had a look at your presentation and I must say it’s very well done, especially the part on these tricky anglicism.

    Hope you will get to enjoy the country, and not just work!

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