Back from Turkey

I got back from Turkey today around 4 after getting up at 4:45 this morning (3:45 Paris time), a layover in Munich of about an hour, and running for a train in Montparnasse. I used the bar car for the first time ever. I had to take a nap almost immediately upon getting home.

Here are some pictures from Ephesus:

Looking down at the old library

More ruins

The ancient library

It was weird being in a country again where I know none of the language (the last time being in Poland in April 2008). I know how to say hello in Turkish thanks to my Turkish-speaking grad school friends but that is really it. It was weird to not be able to eavesdrop on any conversations. Then I got back to Europe where there were lots of French speakers and realized that usually other people’s conversation are actually not that interesting.

I spent a lot of time Saturday on the beach, swimming (more like walking, it was very shallow) in the Aegean. I finished one French book and am almost done with another. My skin is doing its weird thing that it does when it sees the sun for the first time. The AC in the hotel wasn’t on so we slept with the balcony window open which gave me a few mosquito bites. But otherwise I’m none the worse for wear. And believe, I saw some people in that hotel who it seemed like had never heard of sun burn and sun screen in their lives. They were BRIGHT. RED.

Am trying to decide whether to go to Lille this weekend with the old colocs and their friends. Pluses: Cheap trip, haven’t gotten to hang out with them in a while, and Poitiers can be boring on weekends. Minuses: Don’t feel like spending money, don’t feel like sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor in a room full of people, and there is always the risk they will start talking about escalade sans cesse and that I will be stuck there listening, for four days.


3 thoughts on “Back from Turkey

  1. I used to know some vocabulary I picked up at my local Kebab in France – forgot everything now of course. I almost went to Turkey in 98 I think… and there was a terrorist scare so it was decided it wasn’t safe. Too bad, I was really disappointed. I would have loved it!

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