Back in my old house, Alexis came from La Rochelle, Julien from Saint Benoit (basically Poitiers), and Marie from nowhere near here (Bourgogne). Most of their friends came from nowhere near here too, since Poitiers is an intensively student town. So they’d harangue Julien for his Poitiers-isms, such as saying:

“J’habite en face l’Intermarché”

which I’ve noticed my friend C, not from Poitou-Charentes but from very close, also does, and seems to be unaware of.

Last night the old colocs, the new colocs, and a couple of friends were all here and they got to talking about expressions in Poitiers, like:

une poche: a plastic bag, such as a cashier might offer. Julien said he was in a store here the other day, behind a woman at the cash register, who was completely lost when the cashier asked her “vous voulez peut-être une poche pour ça?” He says the cashier just repeated the question and it was up to him to explain to the woman what on earth she was offering her.

embaucher/débaucher: to start work/to get off work, as in, “A quelle heure as-tu embauché ce matin/débaucher aujourd’hui?”

The elsewhere Frenchies were saying that débaucher/embaucher is not too weird but that they still find the poche thing pretty shocking.

I think this came up because earlier one of the group was double checking English expressions with me, namely:

to know something like the back of your hand/comme ta poche
to pass a test with flying colors/haut la main


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