Hey readers

It has recently occurred to me that I could work on my accent in French. For a long time I’ve brushed off this thought because my accent is pretty good and I didn’t see much reason to work on it, or really believe that “working on it” was possible. Plus, why exactly should I try to lose it?

I guess I’ve changed my mind recently. I’m not sure why—it probably has something to do with thinking about staying, and the number of cours particuliers I’m giving now where we work intensively on individual problems.
The problem is, at this point, I don’t really know what pronunciation problems are consistent for me. And I don’t think it would necessarily help to get just any old French person to tutor me—I think I’d need someone who knows something about teaching French pronunciation or pronunciation in general.

So, here’s my question. I know a number of my readers are advanced speakers of French or of some other foreign language. What do you do to work on your accent or your language in general?


2 thoughts on “Hey readers

  1. I’m not a great teacher when it comes to pronunciation, unless the person really can’t be understood. When I was teaching, I noticed that different people had different accents but as long as I could understand them fine, I would usually leave my students alone. This is Canada… everybody has an accent. If I was going to have them work on their pronunciation, which accent should we adopt? The French accent, which was my mine? Québec accent, which is more local? New-Brunswick accent?

    I know I have an accent in English but strangely enough, not a French accent at all. People usually can’t figure out where I’m from and lately, I realize that they don’t really care anymore – I guess I’m Canadian enough now.

    Okay, I now, I’m being absolutely no help here 😆

  2. Haha, yes. Well I have mixed feelings about working on my accent, obviously. I don’t think it’s an irritating accent to French people (or anyone for that matter) and most of the time people don’t know where I’m from if they bother to guess. It’s more a question of CAN I change it than SHOULD I change it.

    I also find teaching pronunciation interesting and think it would be sort of fun to be the subject for once. But same here, when I work with students on English pronunciation it’s for comprehensibility, not for native-ness.

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