Well I had a really super birthday.

Although mostly it was the evening before my birthday. I went over to the coloc yesterday afternoon after work and lunch with the English profs, to watch the U.S. start losing abysmally to Slovenia, then start to beat Slovenia, and then not beat Slovenia because of a terrible referee call. It was still the best game I’ve watched so far. I am bizarrely into the World Cup this year. I’m sure it’s because it’s exciting to be keeping track of it in France, and also because the U.S. has an actual chance for the moment of moving on(although the French team is becoming more and more depressing). It’s not like I’m going to start following French teams or the League des Champions in the fall.

Then Julien and I made a huge salad for five people who turned out to be thirteen by the end of the night. At around 11:00 Marie and Julien brought out mousse au chocolate, tarte aux pommes, a little plastic blue armchair (I’ve been telling Marie that I’d like to buy a fauteuil for the apartment), and a case of 24 different beers (things like Kwak, not Kro). And while I don’t in general like French beer, I’m pretty excited to try all of these. I crashed at the coloc last night and got a phone call from my parents, in Switzerland, and my brother even sent me some adorable photos of him with cats.

Tonight (for my actual birthday) I tried out a little Moroccan restaurant I’ve been wanting to try with Tara and David and an Austrian friend. It was tasty, and Tara brought me a bottle of wine and some toblerones. Tara and David are disappearing to Vancouver for a few weeks and then when they get back they will only have a little time before most likely moving to China. Yep, it’s the time of year when people start to move away. I guess I’ve gotten sort of used to it.

And I’m now on vacation for the summer (although that means seriously starting to study for the CAPES). All in all twenty-six is starting out pretty well.


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