Festivété, general update

Hey! I’m back from one night at a music festival that was really fun but also really exhausting. Saturday afternoon Alexis, Julien and I drove to a town about an hour and a half from here to join friends of ours who’d been there since Friday night. The musical highlights were:

As de Trefle (the violinist was awesome):

Oliva Ruiz:

and the one I liked the best, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos (seriously, watch this one if you only feel like watching one of these videos):

here’s another from them:

Wax Tailor:

I didn’t sleep much because the campsite had a group of people who decided to install their own nightclub. But whatever, that’s the way musical festivals are. We got back yesterday, showered, went swimming and climbing (well, I just watched the climbing while I read about le commentaire littéraire for the CAPES) and I finally ended up back home around 11 pm.

Things have been pretty busy here and will continue to be so for a bit, I think. I’m trying to get my Texas license exchanged for a French one and it turns out that the woman at the prefecture that I talked to is not au courant that there is a new Texas-France accord, so I will have to go prove it to her, unless her responsable catches it before sending me my Texas license back. Not a huge surprise, but wish I didn’t have to do her job for her. I mean, you do a google search for “Texas-France permis de conduire” and you get the ministry website with a list of the countries allowing an exchange and guess what, oh! Texas is on it! Seriously it’s not that hard! Am trying hard to stay calm about this.

EDIT: I have to withdraw my complaint about this. The woman called me back and said she had looked into it and they have a circulaire from April 17th that announces the accord with Texas. So actually she turned out to be pretty effective. Once my driving record arrives in about two weeks, it’s just 25 euros between me and my French permit! Woohoo!

In positive bureaucracy news, my masters was validated as a French M2! Yay! Now I can take the CAFEP with no worries (I mean, besides about passing it). Big relief. And they did it in a little over a month!

On Wednesday I’m flying from Poitiers (hurrah, no train to Paris) to “London” (by which I mean Stansted). I’ll be in London Wednesday night, and then will go to Canterbury for a conference until Saturday when I return to London to couchsurf and reconnect with the city. I’ll be back in Poitiers Monday night. Traveling is always exciting but I tend to be more anxious than excited about it when I go alone. I’m sure it will be a great trip though. I felt this way about Turkey and it turned out to be a great idea to go. I have to whip my presentation into shape before Friday though and figure out what to do in London!

Then when I come back, I’ll have only two days till Zandra comes to visit! Crowning moment of the year! Unfortunately many of my friends will be gone for the summer. Another post is coming about that, soon.


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