So, Canterbury was wonderful. It was adorable and pretty. The conference was great and everyone was very friendly. I’m back in London now, couchsurfing, and it’s very nice, but last night I really wished I had decided to stay another night in Canterbury. If I come back to this conference next year (I might) I think I’ll spend the entire time there.

Here are some pictures from the days since Wednesday.

Canada Day on Trafalgar Square! Very tempting to eat something yummy, but I managed to tear myself away without.

On Whitehall/Parliament Street (part of a demonstration against the war in Afghanistan)

Now, Canterbury:

Buildings in Canterbury

The famous cathedral

An entrance to the university

An old, massively crooked building

From the front

The cathedral again

I loved it.

Here’s a link to the presentation I gave. You’ll need this document too for the slides where it just says “table” and “comments.”


2 thoughts on “Canterbury

  1. Laurel says:

    I like the way Canada = curly fries and covered wagons. I wonder if they pull that same display out on the 4th of July and just change the flags.

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