Working on the CAFEP CAPES for real, other stuff

Zandra and I arrived in Avignon Sunday afternoon after driving across France through the night. We were not the ones driving; we used covoiturage. I didn’t sleep much and instead watched out the window as the landscape changed from Poitou-Charentes, to the hills outside Clermont-Ferrand, to the vineyards as we finally approached Montélimar in the late morning. It was a slow, slow trip and we left Poitiers a little after 2 am so it was a strange experience, but surprisingly enjoyable.

Right before we left I received my first big, real package from the CNED and I brought some of it with me, trying to patch together a schedule of what I want to get done, which is not so easy since this year’s concours is so different from last year and everyone’s suggestions are outdated. I’m currently working on understanding the commentaire de civilisation which will be, I expect, my least favorite part. Am discovering that I will really need to beef up on British history. Bleeeeegh. Maybe it will turn out to be more interesting than I think.

I’m perusing forums in the hopes of finding jewels of wisdom or suggestions of books to buy or check out from the BU. Besides the CNED forum which you have to pay to use, there’s agreg-ink which is a wiki and a forum.

Avignon is nuts right now. Every spare piece of guardrail has a flyer for a play on it and people are constantly handing you flyers that you don’t want. Last night Sarah, Zandra and I went to see La Casa de la Fuerza by Angélica Liddell, which was a five-hour play. This meant that it ended at 3 am. I had taken a nap or else there’s no way I would’ve made it through. The play was connected with (not really based on) the murders in Ciudad Juarez.

We’re going to see another play sometime later this week, and go to le bal for the 14th of July. Otherwise I’m trying to study during the day and stay out of the heat. Now that I’m caught up on sleep I should make myself a more rigid schedule.

Before coming down to Avignon together, Zandra was in Poitiers to see me. We managed to find her a covoiturage up to Poitiers last Wednesday. Julien immediately took us climbing outside in a really pretty spot and sent me up a 4a voie (like, the easiest that exists). Thursday night we made tacos for the friends who were still in town. Friday we did the soldes and walked around Montierneuf, and Saturday we went to the Parc Blossac to chill.


Zandra at Blossac

And that’s pretty much the only picture I took the whole trip.

As for the rest of my time in England, my couchsurfing host was lovely, and I did manage to go to Kew Gardens which I really liked, especially the butterfly room:

It was good depth of field practice.

I think that’s a pretty comprehensive update! Hopefully I’ll take some pictures of the madness here to post next week.


4 thoughts on “Working on the CAFEP CAPES for real, other stuff

  1. mom says:

    what is covoiturage? it must not be rental car b/c you didn’t drive, and it must be a car b/c of voiture. A car you can program to drive itself? Hitchhiking? a shuttle service?

    • Covoiturage is like couchsurfing but for carpooling. So we found some girls on the site who were driving from Nantes to Toulon but passing through Poitiers and Avignon so we rode with them and paid them for it.

  2. Do you like the CNED? I had both extremely good and extremely bad experiences with them. The key is to hook up with other students I think.

    • I’m not sure yet! I’m relying on it pretty hard so hopefully it’ll be constructive. But I just sent off my first homework assignment so it’s hard to tell so far.

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