I’m hoping to take a big trip to the U.S. next April. I’m purposefully not going home this summer or over Christmas for reasons I think I’ve mentioned (cost, heat, allergies) so instead I’m hoping to go in April when Texas will be green and blue and orange and only probably around 80 degrees.

But there are so many people I’d like to see and so many cities I’d like to see that aren’t in Texas that I’m starting to plan a first big stretch down the East coast. I’m envisaging something like this:

April 16: Paris to Boston to see my brother/his girlfriend/their cat/the city for the weekend. Also means I might get a DIRECT FLIGHT.
April 18/19: Bus to New York? Or straight to Philadelphia? I’ve never really done New York. The people I know there aren’t incredibly close friends so this stopover would be as much for the city as for the people. I think this might be sort of a last-minute decision.
Mid-week: In Philadelphia to see Laurel!
Second weekend: DC to see Kris
April 24/25th: Fly from DC to San Antonio
May 2nd: Fly back to Paris

I could always stretch out the first leg of the trip a little longer since I hope to stay in San Antonio till the Monday after the vacation technically ends (but I shouldn’t have class till Thursday).

I’m getting excited about planning a real trip to my home country, not just a stopover for visa or holiday reasons. I’m really, really tempted to invite some French friends of mine to come along. My brother could try to speak French to them and Laurel could actually speak French to them. But that invitation is just so loaded, not to mention expensive (I think I’ll probably buy my ticket on American’s US website for about 800 euros).

Otherwise, I’m also thinking about planning a little trip somewhere in Europe. I’m thinking about Italy (where I’ve never been), Greece (same but sort of less shocking), or going back to Ireland. Any suggestions? Anyone want to come?


3 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Laurel says:

    Excited!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep in mind that NYC is an easy day trip from Philly. Meaning, if you didn’t have anywhere to stay you could just use here as your home base and do it in a day. We go to NYC all the time and would be happy to accompany you and show you our favorite things. There are buses Boston-NYC. I don’t actually know about Boston-Philly. When I did that I took Amtrak ($80).

  2. I have great memories of Greece and yes, to me it is more chaotic and weird than Italy. But that was over ten years ago, may have changed now.

    Traveling back home is always both great and a headache because you can’t please everyone and there is never enough time…!

  3. I have so much wanderlust right now! Feel free to ask for any tips about traveling to Italy or Greece if/when you decide to go there. Number one tip about Greece: stay in Athens only long enough to go to the Acropolis. the National Museum, and wander around the Plaka and flea market areas, and then get the heck out of there. Go somewhere prettier.

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