I need something to reprendre la morale. This CAPES thing does NOT seem to be advancing, at least regarding grammar + translation (am learning TONS about British history and anglophone cultures, have lots of new trivia to bring up at dinner parties). Okay that’s not exactly true. Translation seems to be getting a little better. But with every little thing that gets a little better, another thing seems to come up that I am utterly unprepared for. I’m just having trouble envisaging how, between now and November, I’m going to be able to do all that I need to be able to do! And given that this is all I do all day, it’s a little demoralizing.

Also, there’s very little to take my mind off of it right now. I really have only a couple of friends in town right now and I can’t jeopardize them every night like I can my old roommates (who are currently rock-climbing in Austria). Come evening there’s not a whole lot else to do than just more reading.


But at least I have a super cute new Twitter button.


4 thoughts on “Blurg

  1. Courage!

    The Twitter button is cute.

    There is so much I don’t know about British history… care to elaborate about some fun trivia you learned?

  2. Mostly stuff that’s not that interesting—like, that Australian women got the vote before 1900, and that British women first got it only at age 30! Makes it pretty clear that the principle was that we are just not as smart or mature as men (HA).

    Also, do not understand the House of Lords.

  3. mom says:

    but get this, sumthing i learned at the landesmuseum in Zurich: in Suisse women got the vote in 1973, except for that one pesky canton that didn’t give them the vote until 1997.
    and here is sumthing mysterious, why does the CAFEP want you to learn so much about the UK? Why not Suisse?

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