An Update

It’s been sort of a long time since I posted, so here’s a brief, random update.

I got my first corrigé back from the CNED, and I got a 12 on my first thème (so, translation from French to English). I was quite happy with that though I found the comments not all that useful—in fact I think she was wrong about one or two things. Hope the next one is a little more informative. No word yet on the horrible, horrible version (English to French) that I sent in.

I just started doing a commentaire de civilisation this week and it’s sort of incredible how much I’ve learned about British history in a month. I feel a little like I should have done this years ago given how many British friends I have.

I also renewed my carte de séjour this morning, in a manner of speaking. It’s really that my 12-month visa was about to expire and my contract has been renewed for next year, so I get a carte de séjour now. But of course I just got the récépissé this morning. I hate dealing with French administration, even when it’s routine, because it just reminds me that my existence here is precarious. But everything went fine.

I might as well say also that I started dating my old roommate Julien about two months ago. Yes, my second Julien. All French boys are after all named that. So I spend a lot of time back at the old house, and sometimes wonder why I have my own place, but I still love my apartment, except for my upstairs neighbor, who has shown up again.

Poitiers is still full of tourists, and about three hundred of them show up at the church on the place outside my apartment every night waiting for this:

The polychromies


They’re the polychromies on the Eglise Notre Dame, or, lights projected onto the front of the church to imitate how they think it looked back when it was painted.

Nothing much is planned for the coming weeks. I think I may take another weekend at the Ile d’Oléron but otherwise I’m here till Toussaint, when I’m thinking about going to Luxembourg.


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