Thème: translation from French into a foreign language
Version: translation from a foreign language into French

Note: Grade
Moy: Average
Nbre: Number turned in

I do the exact opposite of French people.

(It’s no big deal, I knew that the version I sent in was de la merde, and I’ve already sent in one that should be better. The CNED is super slow. They don’t seem to have calibrated their schedule all that well to the new concours schedule.)

Also, sorry it’s so tiny.


9 thoughts on “Thème/Version

    • No, the average on the version was a 12.23, and I got 6. But the average on the theme was a 6.57, and I got a 12. See how it’s odd? I mean, how it’s the opposite of what’s expected given that it’s mostly French people doing it?

  1. Don’t forget that French people “notent dur”, it’s hard to get a good grade by American standard in France. An average of 12/20 at university would be very normal and quite good!

    My nightmare used to be thème in Mandarin. As a translator, I’m comfortable with both now in English/ French but yes, it is always easier to translate to your mother tongue.

  2. SarahZ says:

    6 on version sounds good to me ! I got a 5 on the first (and in fact, only) version I had graded at the fac before taking the CAFEP. Congratulations on the good theme grade!

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