Boris and Otto

As you may have figured out from the constant allusions to them on this blog, my parents have two white male standard poodles. They’re four years old and they’re brothers. Boris weighs around 75 pounds, and Otto weighs around 55 pounds, which is normal for a poodle. Which is to say, Boris is huge. When we take them walking together, people sometimes ask if Otto is the son and Boris is the mom.

I met Boris and Otto in 2006 the summer before I left for France. They were not typically cute puppies, but they were still awesome:

Boris and Otto when they were puppies


And they’ve only gotten awesomer. Their personalities are completely different. Otto likes to chase light:

while Boris has very little idea what he’s doing.

Boris’s philosophical project used to be staring into the mirror for up to an hour, trying to figure out who the scentless white thing was on the other side. He’d bark at it about every five minutes.

They both have dogster diaries (of course maintained by my mom):



And now they have Twitter accounts! (these they manage themselves)



Recently Otto and Boris have been learning to not walk out the front door until they’re told to, and to sit and stay (things that in theory they knew years ago but didn’t really obey). Otto shows off his sit and stay skills here in front of the houses in Monte Vista, San Antonio:

Otto the real estate broker

Not sure you’ll actually be able to see those photos unless you’re friends with my mom. So check here too.

I miss them lots. I wish they could get on a plane and come visit.


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