A week of fondue

I bought a tv from Marie’s aunt two weeks ago, and Saturday Julien took me to look for a TV stand for it. We ended up looking in Easy Cash because it was the only place open between midi et deux, and though there were no TV stands, there was an awesome selection of used kitchen appliances, and J bought a fondue pot.

Our friend Marine was in town from Lyon Tuesday night so I immediately suggesting inaugurating the pot with a cheese fondue for the obligatory soirée. Perfect for warm weather, right? Ha. So anyway, we did cheese fondue on Tuesday night, chocolate fondue on Wednesday night, and then tonight we’re supposedly going to do fondue bourguignonne.

Any other fondues out there we should try?


3 thoughts on “A week of fondue

  1. Bonjour,
    Je vous ai trouvé en cherchant quelqu’un qui habite à poitiers.
    je suis une étudiante de l’école des beaux-arts de poitiers depuis ce semestre.
    pendant l’année dérniere, j’étais sur nancy, lorrain.
    c’était pour étudier le francais 🙂
    (moi aussi, je suis étrangere, suis coréenne)

    enchanté de faire votre connaissance,
    même si c’est seulement en ligne… 😀

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