Les Expressifs

or, Another Thing I Get to Do Two Years in a Row

Poitiers’ awesome little street music/performance festival was last weekend.

It was, like I said, awesome. Because Poitiers’ main square is a big chantier right now, lots of stages were moved down toward the cathedral (the cathedral≠église notre dame, which is right outside my house, and better-known). So there was lots of walking down and up the hilly Rue de la Cathédrale.

I didn’t take many pictures, and none that were very good, but I’ll put up a few anyway.

The festival started Thursday night with just three shows, the first being this silent group performance (Théâtre de l’unité) that twisted its way through the pedestrian streets and ended in front of the Église Notre Dame.

Street performance

Part two of the performance

Here they are stopping in front of the Palais de Justice. They had signs with nothing written on them, sang a silent chorus, and handed out blank leaflets.

This act played for a couple of hours Friday and Saturday nights in front of the cathedral:

La Guinche

The highlight, though, was the big act on Thursday night: Maïon et Wenn.

I had an awesome, awesome weekend. J took me to dinner Thursday night after we watched the white people wander around, at a fancy restaurant (being the son of a butcher he is picky about his meat) which was yummy. It was generally an incredibly carefree weekend with the old colocs and the replacement colocs, in spite of spotting at least fifteen of my students out and about at the festival. Am feeling upbeat about work and even about J being gone with all my rock climbing friends this weekend, because I need to get back to the CAPES!


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