Last week was Toussaint vacation and I spent most of it studying four hours or more per day. I did lots of grammar, lots of history, and some translation. (I got a 16 on a Civi devoir. But the CNED grades for the concours homework seem to be sort of randomized, every corrector seems to have their own perspective on whether to grade according to fac grades or according to concours grades—and a 7 or 8 is usually the moyenne on the écrits, so from some professors a 10 is pretty good, from others, bordering on mediocre.) It actually felt really good, and I felt a lot more prepared afterward and less nervous. Now that I’m back at work that feeling is receding which is too bad. I just don’t have the energy after work to attack the CAPES. But am going to try not to self-defeat by thinking the CAPES is unachievable.

I spent the three-day weekend in Paris with my old students and it was lots. of. fun. We went to bed at 6 both nights, one night playing Wii and poker and one night actually going out to a club. During the day I made it to the Musée Rodin, just the garden because it’s only 1 euro and after all the Penseur is outside, and up to Montmartre
because A now lives in the 9th and we were within walking distance of Sacré Coeur. An old work acquaintance of his was playing the guitar in front of the big crowd on the steps so we stopped to listen, and even though it was sort of a gross day in Paris (at least it didn’t rain), the ambiance looking out on the city was really nice. Now I’m back in Poitiers and J has promised to be here this weekend (becoming rarer and rarer now that the escalade weekends and competitions are picking up).


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